50+ Years of combined experience

Please meet our G.E.C. Group Electrical Contractors Ltd. Team

Darrell Lamoureux

President /Red Seal Electrician


 Darrell is the founder of G.E.C. Group Electrical Contractors Ltd. with over 20 years in the construction industry.

G.E.C. was incorporated in 2016 on the foundation of bringing quality detailed services throughout all of Manitoba.

Darrell focus’s on customer relationships, project management and building for the future.

Matt Lamoureux

Supervisor/Red Seal Electrician


 Matt has been with the G.E.C. Group Electrical Contractors Ltd. family for 3.5 years.

Matt brings eight years of construction industry knowledge. Matt’s biggest strength is attention to detail through various jobs and a strong work ethic.

Murray Heibert

Project Coodrinator



Josh Lisoway

Supervisor/Safety Rep./ Red Seal Electrician


 Josh has been with the G.E.C. Group Electrical Contractors Ltd. family for 3.5 years.

Josh has been working in the construction industry for ten years.

For six years, he has been actively working as an Electrician. Josh brings a great work ethic and is the driving force behind our company’s reputable safety plan and policy.

Team’s Mission

What makes us run

Our goal is to provide a positive working environment while interacting with the many different cultures in Manitoba. Our philosophy follows a foundation of giving back to the communities we’ve served. Respecting various cultures is a priority we seek to uphold.

“At G.E.C., we bring a core group of respectful individuals to assist any project you might have. I am proud to support a team of great people working throughout communities in Manitoba.

Darrell Lamoureux

Thinking Outside the Box

Our team can problem-solve, think independently

and execute work in challenging situations.

Working in remote communities has made us

unique and well-rounded in all areas of the

electrical trade.

Looking to join our team?

Do not hesitate to reach out to us about joining our growing team of Electricians and Professionals.


602-2476 Wenzel St. East St. Paul, MB R2E 1E8

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